I come from a family that has always served the public. My father had a long and decorated career as a police officer, and my mother was a skilled and loving nurse. I learned as a child the importance of looking outside my own needs and towards the greater good of my community. It is my goal to serve the interests of ALL residents of District 3 on the School Board.   ~ Jenn Piroth, MA, NIC-A, QMHI 

On School Board, Jenn will vote for science-based measures to better protect our children and staff from infection disease as recommended by the Tennessee Department of Health informed by the Centers for Disease Control, deferring to trained experts in the medical field. Current professional guidance is here:


After having the pleasure of working for HCS for the 2017-2018 school year, Jenn knows that being present in all of the schools in the district regularly is key to success. Being a school board member means more than reading reports. Meeting with educators, students, parents, and community members insures that true needs are addressed by giving the school board vital information for how to proceed from the people these decisions impact the most. 


The Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations — released “K-12 Education Funding and Services.” Here are some notes:

*   local governments spend at least $1.7 billion OVER BEP requirements.

*   Comparisons of BEP-funded positions to ACTUAL positions show that school systems often need to hire more staff than provided for by the BEP formula” (Page 18) In fiscal year 2018-19, there was a shortage of 6,745 positions! 

“State and local funding in fiscal year 2017-18 totaled $2.1 BILLION OVER AND ABOVE what was required by the BEP formula, including a total of $1.7 billion in local revenue.”

THIS IS SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE. Students in Hamilton County deserve safe buildings, cutting edge technology, and equity in access.  ALL Staff in Hamilton deserve a thriving wage regardless of their role with HCS as each employee is an integral part of the whole.  


SLEEP IS ESSENTIAL for growing bodies and learning minds. As a school board member, Jenn will propose to change bell times for ALL schools in Hamilton County so no school begins before 8:30am. This reflects the research outcomes of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Pediatrics.